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Proverbs is a book in the Bible, made up of passages full of Father-to-Son advice. It teaches Righteousness and the glorification of God, as well as resistance to temptation. It focuses on two main teachings: Ethics and Sanctions. Morals and Rewards. It tells that God does not reward for bad behavior. God does not tolerate evil by giving prizes to those who forsake him. According to Proverbs, if you are morally secure, and you follow God, you will be rewarded. If you fall into evil, adultery, crime, or falsity of words you will be met with hardships and rough terrain. God, however, is a forgiving God, and one of mercy and second-chances. The book explains that you should never start out on the path of darkness, and if you do, you will not be satisfied. It is never too late to become godly again.