Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark. Who doesn’t know this classic Bible story? I’ve known it since I was a kid, from children’s Bible stories and things alike. I never quite understood it though. I was a kid, and I didn’t comprehend things the way I do now. I spent a long time thinking that God had foreseen a flood, and that to protect those who would listen, he told them to make a large boat to keep them and the animals safe, and Noah was the only one who listened. I also thought Noah was an old single man with no family. Not until recently did I learn the actual Bible version of this story, and it became much clearer to me what had happened. The world had become corrupt. Everyone had stopped following God. Everyone. But one man, Noah, was not like Everyone. He had taught his family to love God, and to cherish the love God gave in return. Noah was a good man. The only good man left, besides those related to him. God told him to build the Ark, for he was going to bring a flood and wipe mankind off the face off the earth. He told Noah which animals to bring on board and how many, and Noah did as God asked, just as he always had. When the flood was over, God told Noah and his sons, and his sons’ wives to “be fruitful and multiply” and once again fill the earth.

God delivered sanctions upon those who did not follow him. I, personally, do not think that this was because God did not want disloyalty, but because God teaches only kindness and love, and if people aren’t doing as God has asked them, then they aren’t sharing love and being kind. I believe that some people who don’t believe in God, still follow him. Some people are naturally kind, and loving. I think that in order to be kind and loving, a person’s heart is with God, even when their head isn’t. If no one was following God, no one was kind and loving, and therefore I believe that this is why God nearly rid the earth of his creation.


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